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The Mindful Massage

Our signature massage.  Techniques from Swedish, Thai yoga, myofascial, sports massage and neuromuscular therapy are used and adapted to each individual client needs.  This massage is good for muscular pain relief, injury recovery or stress relief.  The therapist works with mindful intention and the massage can be performed at different levels of pressure.


1. Firm (Deep tissue pressure)

2. Gentle (Relaxation pressure)

50 Min Upper Body - £50 |  75 Min Full Body - £75

Yoga Massage

Yoga massage is derived from Thai massage.  During this massage you wear comfortable, loose clothing (can be provided).  The therapist uses her hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet to massage and gently move you in to yoga postures, helped by guided breathwork.  This massage is good for improving mobility.  The therapist works with great awareness and compassionate intent.

80 Mins - £80 |  105 Mins - £90

The Blissful Massage

The face, head, arms, neck and shoulders (areas which accumulate tension) are massaged.  Massaging the face is not only relaxing, it will increase blood flow and improve skin tone.  Massaging the head (including the ears), neck and shoulders will release tension and bring about a deep sense of relaxation.

60 Mins - £60

The Foot Massage

Using the energy (Zen) lines and reflex points, the feet are gently stretched and massaged.  This massage is great for everyone but especially good for anyone new to massage as well as those who like to exercise by walking or running.  It is not only an excellent stress reliever; it is profoundly relaxing but also energising.

30 Mins - £35 |  60 Mins - £55

Energy Balance

This treatment brings together the healing techniques of reiki and manual lymphatic drainage massage.  A subtle and deeply relaxing therapy which is suitable for oncology patients, and clients with other health conditions such as fibromyalgia.  You may feel deeply relaxed or 'spacey' so please allow 5/10 minutes post session to ground yourself before re-entering the world.   

60 Mins - £60



Reiki is a deeply relaxing Japanese therapy where the practitioner places her hands in positions throughout the body to promote a healing energy. Reiki can help activate the body's own healing processes for physical and emotional.  The treatment is performed with the client lying face up and clothed.  It is a very gentle treatment.

45 Mins - £45


Space Cleansing

Using the ancient ritual of smudging (burning medicinal herbs) together with a reiki blessing, your chosen space (your home, office or your own energy field) is cleansed of any emotional energetic negativity. A beneficial time to space cleanse is when you are beginning a new journey. This could be moving home, ending a relationship, starting a new job or business, recovering from illness or feeling stuck or stagnant in life.

Price depends on square footage of space.  Starts from £75

Mindful Movement Yoga

Using a fusion of yoga, stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises together with breathing and self massage techniques, this therapy encourages an awareness of your body and an improvement in flexibility and movement, while evolving mindful meditation and reducing muscular pain.

One to One (60 Mins) - £50 |  Group Sessions (6 People) - £12 PP

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